Early drug development: addressing cancers with unmet clinical needs

Growth strategy of CORAL BIOME is driven by the development of their natural active compounds which aim to answer established and unaddressed therapeutic needs in rare or resistant cancers.

Indeed, Over 41% of marine natural products purified from octocorals (mostly soft corals) are cytotoxic molecules with potent anti-cancer activity.

Among its 30 compounds of interest, CORAL BIOME is developing three lead molecules, that show a breakthrough anti-cancer property.

CORAL BIOME makes this development possible by:

  • Securing its biomass thanks to massive aquaculture of the best producing species which were phylogenetically characterized
  • Mastering the extraction and purification process leading to production of characterized active batches.

In order to broaden its therapeutic applications, CORAL BIOME is developing partnerships to develop addressing technologies like antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) or other vectors. If you own an efficient targeting method and wish to associate it with powerful toxins, we would be happy to hear from you: info-pharma@coralbiome.com