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CORAL BIOME is very grateful to the many contributions that people have made to the website, without which it would not have much of the content pictures that it contains.

In particular, we would like to thank our friends Colin Foord and Jared McKay from Coral Morphologic who provided us amazing macrophotographies of Caribbean corals and Pascal Montali aka Sliding Zero and Reeve Schumacher who helped us to record voice and compose music to our corporate video.

We are also grateful to Jean Pelissier for his contribution to the ‘Who we are’ page with the picture illustrating Sandrine Courtès and Mathieu Ferry in our aquaculture facility and François Ferron for the 3D image of the antibody used as header in the page ‘ADC program’.

Also big thank to Coral Guardian for underwater images of coral reefs and offshore coral farms and Raphaël Wittmann, who has done the design and technical work on the site and continues to help to maintain it.

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