Established collaborations

For the best implementation of our research and development projects, we surrounded ourselves with a network of collaborators of international renown.
For the identification, extraction and purification of marine natural compounds, we work in close collaboration with an expert in natural product extraction: Dr. Jean Lorquin, manager of the laboratory of structural and metabolic biochemistry from Institute of research for the development (IRD) at the Mediterranean institute of oceanography (MIO).
For the identification of new marine anti-cancer drugs, the characterization of their activity and mode of action we work with Pr. Marc Diederich, director of department of pharmacy, College of pharmacy, Seoul National University.
In order to secure access to a specific biomass, we have established partnerships with local professionals from the main coral hotspots (Caribbean and Indonesia) who have permit for sampling, culture and shipment of corals (under the Washington agreement).

Open collaborations

Science is moving quickly,

so we are continuously innovating and therefore curious and open to new fruitful collaborations in different fields such as for example: medicinal chemistry, large scale natural products extraction and purification, biological activity testing, in vivo proof of concept and toxicity, but also antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) or other vectors development.

Whether you represent an academic institution, a startup or a pharma company, feel free to contact us if interested:

Corporate partners

Coral Biome teams up with solid and trustworthy professional to accompany us on:

Advice and professional network


Advice and professional network


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Communication, media and public relations


Intellectual property and strategy


Financial and administrative support, coaching


Legal issues


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