As a multicolor polyps colony, CORAL BIOME is led by a multidisciplinary team including PhDs and researchers in marine biology, in cell biology, and in chemistry and is surrounded by internationally recognized experts in oncology and immunology.

Our history / founders

CORAL BIOME was founded in 2011 by Frédéric Gault (aquaculture engineer) and Dr. Yvan Perez (senior researcher at Aix-Marseille University), two friends and passionate aquarists. They envisioned a biotechnology company dedicated to unraveling the precious therapeutic potential hidden in corals. CORAL BIOME therefore focusses on the identification of marine natural products to develop new drugs to treat cancer and other major health issues. Part of the corals grown are sold for research to other institutions, and for aquarium trade (online shop here).

Since their selection in 2010 in the Luminy biotech nursery, they surrounded themselves with interdisciplinary PhDs and a network of collaborators, among them internationally renowned experts in Cancerology and Immunology.


Frédéric Gault

Engineer, Chief Executive Officer.

With over 5 years of experience in biotechnology company direction, he is dedicated to the CORAL BIOME project and implements his vision since 2009. Beside Frédéric Gault is also an aquaculture engineer who gained extensive background in coral farming and trade of marine species. He holds a certificate of capacity, delivered by the departmental direction of population protection allowing maintenance, culture and sales of animals under international regulation (convention on international trade in endangered species, CITES)

Mathieu Ferry

Engineer, Aquaculture Chief.

Mathieu Ferry holds a master degree in oceanography at the Aix-Marseille University. He is responsible for aquaculture and sales and is also working on the DNA barcoding of coral species of interest and the extraction of new cytotoxic compounds. By dint of working on our website and with some training, he also became the Webmaster of Coral Biome.